Psychoanalytic Theory Overview: This article will provide you with an overview of the basic tenets of psychoanalytic theory as it has changed from Freud to Jung to Lacan.

Videos to Enhance Learning: Like the introductory article, these videos will give you a better understanding of psychoanalytic literary criticism.

Little Red Riding Hood: For your first practice with psychoanalytic criticism, read Little Red Riding Hood. As you read, look for different elements of Freudian, Jungian, and Lacanian psychoanalysis.

Lacanian Psychoanalytic Criticism for Frankenstein: This article is an example of a psychoanalytic read of Frankenstein that may help you make some connections that you might have missed.

Psychoanalytic Criticism for Frankenstein: This article is another example of a psychoanalytic read of Frankenstein.

Passages for Analysis:

  • Consider the monster’s education and stages of development, especially in the scenes at the DeLacey’s (Ch. 11-12)
  • Think about liminal spaces in the novel (e.g., life and death; science and nature; the alps; the ocean)