Feminist Theory Overview: This article will provide you with an overview of the basic tenets of the three waves of feminist theory; though not required, I have also included information about Gender Criticism and Queer Theory for those who are interested

Videos to Enhance Learning: Like the introductory article, these videos will give you a better understanding of feminist literary theory and criticism.

The Frog Prince: For your first practice with feminist theory, read The Frog Prince.  As you read, look for the ways that the female character is portrayed as well as the ways that she adheres to and subverts the traditional princess role.

Ferdinand: If you are particularly interested in Gender Criticism, check out Ferdinand. As you read, consider the ways that Ferdinand subverts gender roles and rejects/resists the masculinity that is imposed upon him and expected from him.

Feminist Criticism for Frankenstein: This article is an example of a feminist read of Frankenstein that may help you make some connections that you might have missed.

Another Feminist Piece on Frankenstein : This article provides another perspective and is also a good example of a feminist read of Frankenstein.

Passages for Analysis:

  • Compare Justine’s trial (Ch. 8) to Victor’s trial (Ch. 21-23)
  • Think about the implications of the creation/destruction of the female monster (Ch. 19-20)
  • Consider other female characters in the novel (Elizabeth, Safie, Agatha)
  • Be sure to consider Mary Shelley’s role as author and how her gender affects the novel