Ecocriticism Overview: This article will provide you with an overview of the basic tenets of ecocriticism.

Videos to Enhance Learning: Like the introductory article, these videos will give you a better understanding of ecocriticism as a method of literary criticism.

The Lorax: For your first practice with ecocriticism, read The Lorax. As you read, look at the inherent environmental message of the story and consider how nature is either empowered or oppressed (or both) in this story.

Ecocriticism for Frankenstein: This article is an example of an ecocritical read of Frankenstein that may help you make some connections that you might have missed.

Another Example of Ecocriticism for Frankenstein: This is another example of ecocriticism that focuses more on Mary Shelley’s experience with the environment while she was writing Frankenstein.

Questions for Analysis:

  • How do man and nature interact in the novel?
  • What parts of the novel show man and nature at odds?
  • Consider the various storms depicted in the novel.
  • Your assigned criticism talks about the unusual summer that Mary Shelley experienced when she was writing Frankenstein, so you may want to consider that as well.