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A Modest Proposal

Swift still has Swag.  In the following clips from The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert references “A Modest Proposal.”

The Word: A Modest Porpoisal


The Word: Swift Payment

Colbert also referenced Swift when he was embroiled in a controversy over a satirical comment that was deemed racist.  In response to the Twitter uproar (#CancelColbert), Colbert said: “When I saw the tweet without context, I understood how people were offended.  The same way I, as an Irish-American, was offended after reading only one line of Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Modest Proposal,’ I mean, ‘eat Irish babies! #CancelSwift’” Trend it!”

Spring Thesis (Last Minute Info)

AP English IV:

Below you will find all of the helpful information that will aid you in completing your Spring Thesis.  The PowerPoint from class is the first document.  You are accountable for ALL instructions provided to you, whether I discussed them in class today or not.  It is your responsibility to read through the written instructions for this project.  If you have questions, DO NOT wait until Sunday night to email me.

Spring Thesis Tips and Hints

Grade It Yourself Rubric

Literary Analysis Guidelines

Thesis Hints

Annotated Bibliography Instructions

Parenthetical Citations

Spring Thesis Tips and Hints

We are in the final stages of the Spring Thesis.  I hope this experience has been both enlightening and enjoyable (despite the daunting nature of the task).  Here are some documents that will help you through the final stretch of your Spring Thesis:

Annotated Bibliography Instructions – This is a digital copy of the document that I handed out in class.

Parenthetical Citations – To help you brush up on the rules/guidelines for parenthetical citations.

Thesis Hints – I will go over this information in class the week before your Thesis is due, but you may want to get started early.

R&G Discussion Questions

For those who are out Friday (2/27):

We finished Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead in class.  In small groups, we discussed the attached questions.  Be sure to review these before Monday.

R&G Discussion Questions

R&G Analysis Activity

For those out on Thursday (2/26):

After finishing Act 2, you need to complete the attached chart.  For each section, you need to include as many specific examples as possible.  Be sure to use your Comedy notes and your notes on Theatre of the Absurd.

R&G Group Analysis

Intro to Comedy and Satire

As we look ahead to our study of Comedy and Satire, here is the PowerPoint for the introduction lesson.

Analyzing Comedy and Satire can be tricky because if you misinterpret the TONE, then you will miss the humor entirely.  As we study Comedy over the next few weeks, we will be looking at various methods that comedians and satirists use to create humor.

Introduction To Comedy (PPT)

AP Summer Reading Assignment

If you have located this blog, then you are planning to take my English IV AP class (Literature and Composition) next year at College Station High School.

First of all, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Beth Oualline (wall-EEN), and I am very excited to be teaching at CSHS next year.  Some of you may already know my husband, Coach Oualline, who is teaches Animations, Graphic Design, and Web Design.  At my previous school, Franklin High School, I taught English III AP and English IV AP, as well as English III (on-level).  I was also the Varsity Cheer Coach, UIL Headline and Editorial coach, and a sponsor for Student Council.

Attached below are the instructions for your summer reading assignment and English IV AP contract.  These are the same handouts that you received from your English III AP teacher at the end of the school year.  Be sure to check this blog regularly throughout the summer for important updates.  You are responsible for all information that I post on this blog throughout the summer.  Feel free to post comments and introduce yourself!  I am looking forward to meeting you all in August!

AP IV Contract 2014-15

AP IV Summer Reading 2014

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