"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

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Of Mice and Men Audiobook

Below are links to the audiobook recordings for Of Mice and Men.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5-6

Summer Reading Essay

Essay Instructions and Rubric:


If you missed class or need to review essay writing strategies, here is a copy of the Summer Reading Essay Slides from class.

Here is a copy of the Thesis and Topic Sentence Planning Page in case you lost your class copy or were absent on Thursday.

Other support documents are available on Oualline’s Classroom Resources Page. This page includes support for crafting thesis statements, organizing body paragraphs, embedding textual evidence, and writing introductory and conclusion paragraphs. It’s great–you should check it out!


Need help with MLA formatting? Check out these instructional videos:

MLA Format (Document–Microsoft Word)

MLA Format (Document–Google Docs)

Rules of Civility

This week, we will be establishing foundational communication skills for the school year using George Washington’s “Rules of Civility” as our guide. After we analyze a few of George Washingon’s “Rules of Civility,” we will work on drafting our own “Rules of Civility” for English III. This activity will help us establish a classroom community and a positive working environment so that all students can learn and grow this year.

Rules of Civility Slides

George Washington’s Rules of Civility

Partner Rules of Civility

Peeling Back the Layers

This week, we are diving into prose analysis, one of the key skills that you will need to develop this year in English IV Honors. Each day this week, we will work on honing your analytical skills in order to help you grow as a thoughtful, effective writer. Below you will find links to the PBL packet and Google Slides from class.

Peeling Back the Layers Packet

Slides from Class

Welcome to English IV Honors!

Welcome to English IV Honors! I am thrilled to have you in my class this year. I commend you for choosing to challenge yourself in this advanced English course and promise to work diligently to prepare you for the challenges you will face later (much sooner than you realize) in your college-level English courses. I am confident that if you strive each day to contribute your best effort and work to create high quality products, you will find success in this course—and beyond. Your senior year will be filled with excitement and memories and laughter and tears…and probably a bit of stress, but we will get through it together. Who’s ready for the challenge? I am. You are. Let’s do this.

2018 Syllabus

Schoology App Instructions

Welcome to English III

Welcome to English III at CSHS. Congratulations–you have survived the EOC courses! However, your work in English is far from over. This year begins the push toward College and Career Readiness. Throughout this year, we will be exploring American Literature and honing our persuasive and analytical writing skills. We will also develop our research and media literacy skills during the second semester.

Materials Needed:

  • Composition Notebook (no spiral)
  • Loose Notebook Paper
  • Hi-Lighters (4 colors preferred)
  • Pens (blue or black ink only), Pencil
  • Your Thinking Cap
  • OPTIONAL: Binder, Dividers or Folder

Schoology App Instructions


Summer Reading 2018

Hello future students! I am looking forward to a great year in English IV Honors, and I hope you are, too!

Your first assignment for English IV Honors is SUMMER READING! I know, I know–you don’t think those two words should go together. However, I think you will really like the memoir selections we picked this year. If you need a new copy, the full instructions can be viewed or downloaded below:

We expect you to:

  1. Select one of the three memoirs.
  2. Read and annotate your selected memoir.
  3. Be prepared for future assessments and assignments.

If you want to get ahead, you may begin working on the reading journal, which will be due the second week of school and will count as 50% of your first AA grade.

If you have any questions about this assignment or about what to expect next year, let me know! I am looking forward to meeting you in August.

Memoir Project

Memoir Book Club

Memoir Scrapbook Instructions

Memoir Scrapbook Vignette Checklist

Memoir Rubric

Schedule for the Memoir Project (and Choice Memoir):

APA Format & Example Modest Proposal

Click HERE for APA Formatting Guidelines.

Video Tutorial (Google Docs)

Video Tutorial (Microsoft Word)

And here is an example “Modest Proposal”:

Technology Persuasive Essay

We are going to be writing a persuasive essay responding to the following prompt:

Technology Essay Prompt (blog)


Here is the instructional video we watched in class reviewing the format for a Persuasive Essay:

Writing Tips:

This week, we have watched videos and read articles providing different aspects (pros and cons) of technology use. You may refer to any of these videos or articles in your essay, but you are not expected to directly quote from them. Talk about the ideas of the article by referring to the video and putting the ideas into your own words. Use the “They Say/I Say” notes and the notes over each of the technology articles to help you.

  • One of your body paragraphs should be dedicated to providing information from a video or article that we studied in class.
  • One of your body paragraphs should share a personal example that proves your thesis.
  • Your CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH should use one of the ideas from an article or video with which you disagree.


If you missed the TED Talks from Friday, here it is:


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