The House of the Scorpion

Throughout this quarter, we will be readingĀ The House of the Scorpion independently and outside of class. The reading schedule is below:

  • Sept. 6, Ch. 1-7
  • Sept. 13, Ch. 8-14
  • Sept. 20, Ch. 15-22
  • Sept. 27, Ch. 23-30
  • Oct. 7, Ch. 31-38

Lit Circles

Each “due date” for the assigned chapters will include a quiz over the assigned reading and Literature Circle discussions. Students will be assigned roles prior to the discussion day and should come to class with their prep work completed. The Lit Circle roles are described below:

  • Discussion Director: generate discussion questions and prepare meaningful responses and follow-up questions
  • Passage Picker: select meaningful passages to read and analyze with the group and prepare an analysis of each
  • Cunning Connector: search for real-world connections to the content and prepare to share the details
  • Cool Character: select characters from the assigned reading to analyze and discuss with the group
  • Super Summarizer: summarize the assigned reading and take careful notes during the Lit Circle
  • Vocabulary Volunteer: search for unknown or specialized vocabulary and prepare to share and discuss with the group