As you begin your research, you will be gathering sources and then citing and annotating those sources. All of your sources, along with their annotations, will be compiled in an Annotated Bibliography. Below you will find the complete instructions, rubric, and example provided in class.


You will need to locate at least six sources:

  • At least two sources must be pieces of literary criticism.
  • At least two sources should be focused on your topic without making direct connections to your novel (it will be your job in the paper to make those connections as the literary critic).
  • Your sources should be considered credible and scholarly.

Once you have located and printed sources, you need to begin annotating. This process involves:

  • Reading and summarizing your source
  • Evaluating your source as it relates to your purpose (or topic) for the paper

The next step will be to create an Annotated Bibliography. Here is an overview of the formatting for an Annotated Bibliography:

Helpful Tips:


  • To set a hanging indention, you will need to adjust the ruler in your document:


  • For new paragraphs within the same annotation/source, you will need to adjust the indention setting accordingly:


  • When citing your sources, remember to use The Owl (link above in “Helpful Resources”) and the container concept for the 8th edition of MLA: