For your research paper, you will write a rhetorical analysis essay analyzing the purpose of the speech that you chose for your annotated bibliography assignment. You will use evidence from your sources to support your analysis.

1. Analyze your chosen speech.

  • Complete THIS WORKSHEET to analyze your speech.
  • Submit your completed worksheet to

2. Complete the CAPP Statement worksheet to create your thesis for the research paper.

  • I will give you a print out of this.
  • Click HERE for a digital copy of the file.
  • Here is the PowerPoint review for CAPP Statements.

3. Complete the “Shaping the Body Paragraphs” Worksheet to plan/outline your body paragraphs.

  • There are TWO options for this. Pick only ONE.
  • 8-Sentence Paragraphs: This is the formatting that we have practiced this year with analysis essays.
  • Quotation Sandwiches: This is a slightly different style that is designed for research-based rhetorical analysis.

4. Complete your FIRST DRAFT of the research paper.

  • Your first draft should be submitted to
  • Click HERE for a Google Docs template.
  • Due at the beginning of class on Friday, January 26.

5. Complete a Peer Review.

  • Share your first draft with a classmate AND me (
  • Follow the GUIDELINES for the peer review process.
  • Add comments in Google Docs to help your peer revise/edit the research paper.

6. Complete a FINAL DRAFT which:

  • Analyzes the speech you chose to research for your annotated bibliography
  • Analyzes the strategies the author chose to convey a message to his/her audience
  • Uses textual evidence all four sources (speech + three reliable sources) you found by researching information about the context, audience, persona, and purpose of your chosen speech
  • Cites and quotes from the speech + three reliable sources
  • Is 500-800 words in length
  • Includes a Works Cited page with citations from all four sources
  • Here is an Example Research Paper

7. Rubric for PROCESS and PRODUCT Grades