If you have located this blog, then you are planning to take my English IV AP class (Literature and Composition) next year at College Station High School.

First of all, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Beth Oualline (wall-EEN), and I am very excited to be teaching at CSHS next year.  Some of you may already know my husband, Coach Oualline, who is teaches Animations, Graphic Design, and Web Design.  At my previous school, Franklin High School, I taught English III AP and English IV AP, as well as English III (on-level).  I was also the Varsity Cheer Coach, UIL Headline and Editorial coach, and a sponsor for Student Council.

Attached below are the instructions for your summer reading assignment and English IV AP contract.  These are the same handouts that you received from your English III AP teacher at the end of the school year.  Be sure to check this blog regularly throughout the summer for important updates.  You are responsible for all information that I post on this blog throughout the summer.  Feel free to post comments and introduce yourself!  I am looking forward to meeting you all in August!

AP IV Contract 2014-15

AP IV Summer Reading 2014