Welcome to Mrs. Oualline’s (wall-EEN) digital classroom.

Why ouallinator.com? When one of my students combined my unusual last name (pronounced wall-EEN) with “The Terminator,” he created a nickname for me that soon took on a life of its own. I became “The Ouallinator,” and the name even morphed into verb (e.g., Dude, she totally ouallinated my essay.). So when I began creating a website for my classroom, there was only one option: ouallinator.com.

Originally, my intention was to provide students with digital copies of some of the resources that I use in class–the static reference materials that are relatively the same from year to year. However, the original site has evolved to a full digital classroom, a place for daily assignments, lessons, project instructions, and other up-to-the-minute resources for success in my class. Go ahead and bookmark this page because we will be using it all year!

To locate class assignments, click on the “Digital Classroom” drop-down menu and select your course. You will also find on the menu bar a list of links to many of the helpful resources that we have used in class. If you are using a mobile browser, click on the three horizontal lines to view the menu.

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